Technological and technical innovation

Technological and technical innovation

The constantly increasing requirements have always imposed that in Fornetti factories be installted the most modern production lines, servicing facilities, scales with several measuring cells and automated packaging machinery. The technological modernization initiated in the previous years have as purpose to replace the semi-automated production lines with the automated one in Fornetti factories.

The advantages of automation can be approached from several directions. The most important argument is the constant assurance and standardization of a good quality. The developments were not intended only to achieve a better quality, but also for the relief, transparency and supervision of employees' work.

Once with the development of production lines, the servicing units have been also developed. The superior quality imposed the modernization of equipments and the commissioning of the most modern means. Mixers and industrial kneading machines were modified and modernized according the quality requirements. As part of the technical innovation, the products that leave the automatic tape pass through the maturation and refrigeration towers- both in the type of spiral, thereby achieving a better quality.

The technical innovation was also extend over the packaging machines. Currently, the popular pizza slices packaging is made by special tools, and adjusted to Fornetti requirements.

Among the numerous technical innovations, an important role has the continuous assurance of the proper production conditions. In production halls, the air-conditioning equipments have been developed so as to ensure the optimum climate. The areas with adequate temperature have been developed to ensure the cooling chain, which already begins at taking over the raw material and is held up until the storage of finite products in stores. Fornetti goal is to uninterruptedly provide the ecological and efficient cooling chain from the energetic point of view.

Day by day almost 2 million people consume the products of Fornetti. Adapting to the needs of our customers we place emphasis on the continuous renewal of our range of products.
The franchise system of Fornetti enables you to safely extend the product range of your existing store with a small investment, or to start a new, profitable business.
The result of the carefully selected materials and the high quality of the raw ingredients - is the healthy product.