For your health

For your health

The current healthy nutrition

Harald Tangli, one of the most well-known specialists in nutrition of the twentieth century, said: " One of the most important activities from the human life is nutrition. Nature compels us all with a powerful force, namely the instinct of survival, to provide the necessary food to the body. ”We can agree with this statement, but it is very complex, because what does necessary food really mean? Beyond quantity, what quality parameters characterize the relationship between composition and nutritional necessity?"

Why does the consumer, who is fully aware of the health condition, choose the FORNETTI products?

FORNETTI – which for many years provides to the consumers some excellent quality products and very tasty - strives to meet the requirements resulting from the expansion of knowledge of nutrition science, constantly expanding and changing the range of products. The newest development aims to develop the BAKERY products. This is a group of products whose marketing justifiably arouses the consumer's interest, who wants to have a healthy diet.

According to the definition of ESKI (Egészségügyi Stratégiai Kutatóintézet - The Strategic Institute of Health Research) the health conscious behavior is a way of thinking and living through which the  individual:

  • Considers important and applies the health considerations in his decisions for his personal and environment interests, on a larger or narrow scale,
  • With the conscious control of his habits (for instance: correct nutrition, exercise, sexual habits, avoiding harmful habits and vices etc.) actively participate in the development of his health,
  • He assumes the capacity of secular help and self-help.

It is known the fact that the nutrition of a large part of the population can be considered unhealthy from more points of view. The fundamental problem – with general character – is the following: intake of fat, sugar and salt is too high, the good carbohydrates, minerals and fiber is too small. So, the consumption of any product that improves this situation can be considered a conscious behaviour in terms of health.

The conscious health consumer products requests products which, beyond the good organoleptic characteristics and a good price / quality report, correspond to the requirements of a modern nutrition also in terms of composition. The conscious health consumer buys and consumes products which – obviously if consumed within responsible limit - have a beneficial effect on his health.

Fornetti, which has been offering to its consumers some excellent quality and especially tasty  products - strives to meet the requirements resulting from the expansion of knowledge about nutrition, thus constantly expanding and changing the range of products.

Just a few examples of changes applied to the composition of healthier products: Fornetti was among the first producers in the field in Hungary, which already in 2007 replaced the traditional margarine with the margarine containing minimum trans fatty acids (below 2%) so that additional fees were not applied to the clients. We constantly replaced the fillings made from fruit extracts with fillings containing fruit pulp. One of the top products, Fornetti with bacon was replaced by a chicken product, and the consumers preferring a product containing less fat, a healthier product. In addition, we pay attention and optimize the use of salt and sugar.

Day by day almost 2 million people consume the products of Fornetti. Adapting to the needs of our customers we place emphasis on the continuous renewal of our range of products.
The franchise system of Fornetti enables you to safely extend the product range of your existing store with a small investment, or to start a new, profitable business.
The result of the carefully selected materials and the high quality of the raw ingredients - is the healthy product.