The new technologies require new knowledge. The training, education and work cultivation from our partners and employees is one of the success keys.

Our training center is appropriate to attract the owners, local managers of the shops, for which we can offer the same training as for our personal employees.

Due to this reason, the most important product developed by us is not of a technical order.

The baking programmed procedure in the shop already proved its success; its essence is the fact that baking at different parameters of the five groups of technological products with different thawing times can’t be done by memory any longer. We go beyond this issue with the help of the baking plan, which divides the store activity in process times. In practice, this system determines the tasks for the employee with a preciseness of 5 minutes, it divides the baking capacities in day-to-day activity, so that the employee doesn’t have to deal with the organizational issues of the shop.  He/she has to execute the written orders and thus, Fornetti technology provides the preciseness, namely the production efficiency together with the quality assurance.

So, the baking coordinated with the help of a baking plan, represents a huge aid. It is also an aid for the shop owner because he can permanently check the activity in the shop. 


Day by day almost 2 million people consume the products of Fornetti. Adapting to the needs of our customers we place emphasis on the continuous renewal of our range of products.
The franchise system of Fornetti enables you to safely extend the product range of your existing store with a small investment, or to start a new, profitable business.
The result of the carefully selected materials and the high quality of the raw ingredients - is the healthy product.